Why Brand Positioning Strategy is important for Digital Marketing

– 20 March 2020
– By Deepak Bhatia

When it comes to Digital marketing all companies think is revenue and lead generation. Social Media marketing whether organic or paid is focused on lead generation. Not complaining, but what ever happened to your core function on digital platform – “to engage” with your audience.

But is creating engagement with you audience so easy? I wish. As the audience on Digital has evolved in the last 10 years so have the platforms and so have the rules to do digital marketing.

It’s no longer that your TG will be impressed with your likes, people following you, shares, etc. stats. Simple, because they don’t care. All your TG on digital wants is info, smart info. Info which they can connect with and one that makes a relation with their consumer aspirations.
If your digital brand fails to gauge this, no paid likes can help your business either.

What to do?

Create a brand positioning for your digital brand as part of your digital Marketing strategy. A concise brand positioning always keeps a brand on digital and social media “safe”. Yes you heard that right.Safe.Why so? Simply because when you have a clear brand positioning for your brand that reflects on the digital Marketing platform as well, you further can define your brand aspirations in line with your TG aspirations via several exercises such as Brand Persona Mapping, Semiotics studies Digital brand voice, digital brand messaging,etc.All of these work together in tandem to help you achieve the brand essence and brand personality in order to not just create brand awareness and brand noise but also eventual lead generation.
Now imagine using this entire crux in your SEO. Voila! There you have it.
The right mix of ingredients for a successful digital campaign.
Also, keep in mind that there are plenty of graphic communications projects out there that do not need a brand strategy; they just need effective graphic design.But that isn’t the case when it comes to Digital Marketing Communications.
Finally, I believe something as organizationally and strategically important as an arts organization’s visual image should be driven by a brand strategy, not solely a design strategy.
But are advertising agencies really able to gather an understanding on your Brand Positioning? In most cases no because the focus is simply on making a brand campaign that can quickly go viral.
Brand Design agencies or Brand strategy agencies though have their pros in general but the effect has weaned off over the past several years.

Digital Brand Positioning strategies can be conceived and arrived upon in several ways. It can be derived from the brand attributes, competition, core application, the types of consumers involved, platform features such as Instagram or LinkedIn or Quora , the features of the product or service. All these attributes represent a different approach in developing positioning even though all of them have the common objective of projecting a favorable image in the minds of the online consumers or audience.

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