Branding – Why it is Important [4 Golden Points]


If you ask me, what branding is and how crucial it is for a company in marketing.

I would merely answer you, branding to a company holds as much importance, as a foundation for a building does.

You see all those renowned brands like Armani, Fendi and so on, and their brand name. It costs billions alone.

Doesn’t matter, whether you sell coffee beans or industrial spare parts, clothes or foodstuffs. The key to marketing lies in the brand name itself. That’s why it’s pretty more tough to decide.  What colours could best represent their brand mission than it seems to be?

The process of branding?


Branding is the key to the success of any product.

Yes, let me tell you something, if you aren’t sure of how you’d break down your approach, you are doing it wrong. To explain, one needs to have confidence in one’s brand more than that once speech. Having faith and providing an explanation with a proper gesture is what attracts your clients to know more about your brand.

I am sure you must not be unaware of Dave Holston, author of The Strategic Designer. He, who will let you walk through brand developing processes starting with researching to developing brand values and then communicating it all through your designs in his Brand Strategy Course.

And also, with it, he shares four significant reasons that why company brands.

1. Branding Advantages By Providing A Competition in the Market.

Well, it doesn’t matter if your organisation is a non-profit or a for-profit organisation, what matters is it needs to hunt for resources, fundings and talent, and audience attention, of course.

To win in hearts of people,e all you need to make is your category, organisations and plan implementation strategy robust enough to tackle storms. In short, built a roadmap which outlines specific actions and measures distance for reaching their goals within a stipulated duration by outmanoeuvring their peers for needed resources.

If that’s done the organisation’s brand correctly could mirror their strategic plan and take more initiatives that will make their organisation reach the crest desired of.

2. Brands Provide a Stable Asset

As you know technology, it changes every after night, and this could cost the company immensely. Either you stay updated with the innovations or your products will fail to gain an audience. This is the main reason why companies are bought and sold. But all those strong brands sustain through all these changes.

That’s why it is said that brand is the most sustainable asset any organisation could afford and when it’s oriented with the overall strategy of the organisation it can function as the whole central organising principle for the entire organisation’s decision making.

For instance, take the Coca-Cola brand, it has been around for more than 12 decades while some of the world’s other most valued brands have made a mark for a mere 50 years, and most other corporations only last for 25 years.

3. Brands Provide Economic Value

Do you know, the magazine Businessweek has once concluded that brands account for more than one-third of shareholder value? Thus, the value of an organisation is divided into two major areas: the intangible assets and the tangible assets.

And brands, being intangible assets leaves us with the conclusion that the value of most successful businesses comes from their intangible assets, with having brands as the most prominent of these.

You see Coca-Cola, accounts for over 54% of the stock market value with having brand value worthing 67 million dollars.

Even certain non-profit organisations like the Red Cross and the importance of their brand is an excellent aid in attracting donations and volunteers. Thus, brands play a crucial role in attracting be it employees, partners or most importantly audiences to an organisation.

With having a good brand name, you can rule the marketplace, create awareness for organisations and develop the mutually beneficial relationships with your customers. Suppliers and those in public so that it would be pretty more natural to reach their goals.

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4. Brands Set Expectations

Don’t you think we live in a world based on promises? Just because restaurants promise to provide you with fresh food made in a clean environment.  You are excited to check in there. Same goes for organisations.

Branding itself is a promise made to the public, making similar agreements with companies, products quality and services. When brand promises are kept, audiences respond quickly with loyalty and affection.

But when that’s not done, the reputation once made breaks as quick as possible putting a question mark there. Your ability to fulfil promises is a stage, and all you need to be is an adept artiste there.

Yeh interestingly, products have a little influence to do with the decision-making process.

Same goes for its service for much of our experience is earned with product quality and service is created through the associations. They’ve made with the product through advertising – brand identity and the environment in which the product is experienced.


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