Choco Syrup Case Study

Brand Problem:

A few years ago, an International brand of Choco syrup positioned as a vanilla ice cream topping, had a problem establishing itself in the Indian market. Although successful abroad, it couldn’t repeat its success here in India due to different market dynamics and hence wanted to revisit its approach.

Our Approach:

Our subtle approach was to advise the company to not just change the look & feel of the product and its packaging design as it wasn’t a root problem. DB Brand Works understood the semiotics behind the product w.r.t Indian market by doing a brand audit and a deeper understanding of the psyche of the Indian audience.

Our Solution:

As most of the Indian homes don’t keep ice cream in their refrigerators generally, and that too just vanilla, it was too much of a filter to penetrate for the choco syrup brand. Upon further advisory, the product positioning was changed as a “milk additive” syrup which aided in the idea of a bribe set up by mothers to lure their children into having a glass of milk every day.


The change in product & brand positioning led to a subsequent change in pack design. This culminated in 54 % rise in sales in the first 2 quarters subsequently.

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